10 Reasons why you should always eat breakfast


My mum always used to tell me how important breakfast is and although mums know everything I also felt like I knew everything and I used to skip the claimed most important meal of the day for an extra few minutes in bed.

I know I’m not the only one guilty of this morning fasting. Many people say ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I’m never hungry enough to eat in the mornings’ so I decided to look into the facts and also test the process on myself to establish the benefits of making and eating a balanced meal at the beginning of the day.

Starting with the facts, here are the top 10 reasons why we should always eat breakfast:

  1. It kick starts your metabolism – This helps you to burn the calories that you consume throughout the day
  2. It can help you to lose weight – It stops you from craving more food later on and makes you feel fuller for longer
  3. It gives you the energy you need to function – Food is our fuel and the right balance of nutrients helps our body stay active
  4. It can improve your mood – There is a reason they created the word ‘hangry’, it is noticeable that people get way more irritable when they have starved their bodies from food
  5. It supplies us with lots of nutrients – Selecting the right breakfast can fill you with all the crucial vitamins you need as well as iron and fibre but you must ensure you are selecting the right things to benefit from this
  6. It stabilises your sugar levels throughout the day – Tests have been carried out on people who eat breakfast and people who don’t eat breakfast and if you skip the meal in the morning your sugar levels are likely to spike after lunch
  7. It benefits your health in the long term not just the short term – You are less likely to get diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease later on in life if you eat a balanced breakfast everyday
  8. It improves brain functionality – Food can help you concentrate and it boosts productivity also if you skip breakfast it’s harder to remember things
  9. It reduces the risk of illness – Nutrition affects your immune system and one study has suggested the people who eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast everyday are more likely to fight off infectious illnesses like the common cold and flu
  10. Irregular meal patterns can cause high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease – Eating breakfast can encourage you to eat regularly and more healthily

Here are a couple of things I’ve noticed since I’ve started eating breakfast:

  • It has become part of my morning routine so I no longer feel in a rush or inconvenienced when I’m making my bowl of weetabix or porridge
  • I do feel more hungry but this could be due to the fact I have also started going to the gym in the mornings. I don’t see this as a negative, regardless of the reason, because instead of craving chocolate or crisps an hour into my working day I feel more motivated to reach for the fruit bowl and grab an apple or banana to keep me going
  • I spend less money on snacks at work due to the decrease in unhealthy cravings
  • I feel a lot more energised and switched on. I used to feel so tired and be noticeably yawning at my desk for the majority of the day but this has completely changed
  • I am way less grumpy! There is nothing worse than feeling like there’s a storm cloud over your head for the whole day and now that I give myself more time to wake up properly and add some food into my morning rituals, I have started feeling more positive before leaving for work

Not that I was ever doubting the facts (or my mum) but I had to have a reason to start eating breakfast before being able to get into it which is why I started this experiment. Now that I do it everyday I don’t understand how I could function without it before. You wouldn’t expect a car to work without the right fuel which is the exact same for our bodies.

In my next post I’ll be letting you know my 3 favourite breakfasts that are easy to throw together before work or the school run so be sure to check back soon.








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